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A Tale of Romance
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Intricate Beauty
The home of dreamers,
classiquelace is a community to share images of beauty and inspiration with others. text only and other posts are permitted, but this community is primarily for visual inspirations. images can be photography or artwork of people, places, nature, still-life and the surreal. really, as long as it's beautiful, anything goes.

This community is Members Only - please join us for some tea and cupcakes.

01. all large images, posts with multiple images, or lengthy posts must be behind a cut.
02. any content that may not be safe for work or school (nsfw) must be behind a cut, with a warning, and the entry must be posted with an adult content warning (tasteful nudity is allowed, anything else will be deleted without hesitation).
03. no drama! posts will be deleted and members banned, we will not stand for it.
04. absolutely no netspeak.
05. if you are posting work by someone other than yourself, make sure to credit them. if you are unsure, say so as there may be someone else who can help you out there.
06. we want you to inspire us, please post as often as you like.

graphics and layouts.
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